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Natalie Jill

Fractional Chief Sales Officer

I Connect The High-Level Sales & Marketing Dots To Make Your Brand More Money

I Connect The High-Level Sales & Marketing Dots To Make Your Brand More Money

Increase Conversions
I help clients increase sales conversions and appointment settings by identifying the holes in the current sales process. 
Lower Acquisition Costs 
I identify opportunities and develop unique messaging strategies to make all aspects of organic traffic work for you.
Build A Power Team
I align your team with your brand's vision to ensure they feel ownership and create value allowing for empowered decision-making and growth.  

When Brands Want To Uncover The Fastest Way To Increase Revenue And Build A Powerful Elite Sales Team, They Turn To Natalie Jill

Client Feedback:

"Natalie Jill really cares about your business, takes it personally, has high integrity, and you would be lucky & blessed to have her on your team."

Allison Maslan
Pinnacle Global Network
It's Impossible To Grow Your Brand Into Your Vision... 
If You Don't Identify What's In Your Blindspot And Have The Plan To Fix It
  • Feel you're not growing fast enough?
  • ​Want more sales conversions and want to spend less on your customer acquisitions?
  • ​Spending too much time managing your team or feel you don't have the right team members?
  • ​Scared competitors have an edge on you?

Imagine Having More Free Time and Being More Profitable with a Powerful Team Behind You

Identifying the holes in your sales and marketing processes and getting your team aligned with the strategic vision will naturally result in greater cash flow and business growth.

My Promise As Your Fractional Chief Sales Officer

Forensic Level Deep Dive Discovery Process to Quickly Find You Money

Gap Analysis of Current Sales Process and Implementation of Optimized Strategy

Train and Empower Your Sales Team Into Effective Action 

Upleveled Strategic Messaging Across All Channels



Here's How We Will Work Together


Step #1 is to decide whether you are ready and apply. If approved we will hold an initial session either in person or remotely where we take a deep dive into the state of the business, discuss your goals, and get laser clear on the plan for the next 3+ years. 


Step #2 is where I apply the forensic business detective process and then provide a custom plan, align the team, and get everyone dialed into the right vision. 


Step #3 is where we execute the plan and immediately increase revenue. During this integration process, we determine the biggest hole where we start first and start working on the areas that will move the needle the quickest.

I spent many years managing my 7-figure business with an overwhelmed team, not seeing where I was losing money, and never truly being able to unplug. Something had to change to finally create a lasting legacy.

I thought that if only I had more profits, I could do more. I thought that I had the wrong team, was terrified of losing clients, and experienced tech breakdowns that would send me into panic mode. I didn't realize what was in my blind spots and it wasn't until I reflected on what worked for me in the past, that I was finally able to turn my vision into reality. 

You see, before I started my business, I was a National Sales Director and Sales Trainer for a fortune 500 company in corporate America. Through my experience, I understood the importance of brand integrity, messaging, and the need for urgency in a high-volume business. I grew my own business through this knowledge. 

As soon as I put the dots together and applied what I knew, I was able to turn things around. 

My gift is to catch the details and uncover the unique angles that make your brand stand out. I have been fine-tuning my selling skills for 35 years and applying this knowledge to help brands optimize current revenue, drive sales growth and achieve their unique vision.  

Now it's your turn. I look forward to connecting with you.

Ready to be extremely profitable with a thriving team behind you and an abundance of ideal customers?